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At Homeland Protection Management we provide professional consulting with organizations looking to review their current security team. We use a total approach to assessing each client’s security needs individually and comprehensively, partnering with you as your trusted security advisor to deliver a thorough risk and vulnerability evaluation of your unique security requirements. We probe into the facility functions safety and security programs, policies, procedures, processes, technology and training. Reviewing cost, value considerations and other operational requirements, allows us to provide our clients with an in-depth, real-world view of how to identify and implement the kind of master security plan that meets each of your organization’s unique security needs. At Homeland Protection Management we understand that the effectiveness of an organization’s security program rests not on any individual program element, but rather on the interaction of each element.

IDFPR: Illinois Security Agency License #122001061
IDFPR: Illinois Private Detective Agency License #117001394
IDFPR: Illinois Fingerprint Vendor Agency #262000018
IDFPR: Illinois Firearms Training Course #102000341

IPLA:   Indiana Security Guard Agency License #SG21300017
Homeland Protection Management, Inc. is a privately owned corporation and is not affiliated with the United States Department of Homeland Security.