April 2013: 

      Homeland Protection Management, Inc. is proud to announce that effective 03 April 2013, we are now licensed as a security guard agency in the State of Indiana DBA HPM Security and Investigations.

      December 2012:

      On 20 December 2012, Homeland Protection Management, Inc. Officer Albert Whitaker Jr. was working security at an apartment complex.  During his tour of duty he smelled a strong odor of natural gas and immediately notified the local police and fire departments.  Upon their arrival they were able to locate the exact apartment of the natural gas leak and awaken a family of four.  Upon entering the apartment they discovered that two stove pilots had been left on accidently.  A captain from the fire department indicated that the levels of natural gas were as high as they could be and that if the natural gas had continued to leak then the result would have been death by asphyxiation to those inside the apartment or that a spark would have caused the apartment to explode thereby causing major damage to the property of the apartment complex and the potential for more loss of life.

     Therefore, Homeland Protection Management, Inc. is proud to present a commendation to Officer Albert Whitaker Jr. for his dedication to detail, his professionalism and his decisive action which saved lives and/or property and underscores why security is so important.

     Great job Albert!